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Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society)

Chester ZooThe Conservation & Science Division of the North of England Zoological Society (NEZS), which runs Chester Zoo, works to integrate in situ and ex situ conservation activities and support conservation initiatives in developing countries through partnerships, transfer of skills, training, and the sharing of access to resources. NEZS uses its variety of skills to provide technical input for conservation projects in the UK and abroad, in such fields as: conservation breeding, endangered species management, wild animal rescue, veterinary care, re-introduction, conservation education and awareness, and human-wildlife conflict. NEZS has twice received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for conservation, education and sustainability; was the first UK zoo to achieve ISO14001; has received over 80 awards in conservation, research, education, horticulture, tourism and marketing; and has raised £1.8 million for 375 conservation projects in 64 countries, further supporting many with capacity building in developing countries.

EcoSystems IndiaEcoSystems-India (ESI) is a registered trust, established in 2000 and based in Assam. The mission of the Trust is to promote conservation of natural biodiversity with special thrust on threatened and endangered wildlife and their habitats, and to encourage sustainable and efficient management of natural resources. The activities are carried out through four working units: Rare & Endangered Species Conservation Unit (RESCU), Wildlife Health Unit (WHU), Natural Resources Management Unit (NRMU), and Capacity Building & Extension Unit (CBEU). The major projects undertaken by ESI have focused on capacity building of NGOs, environmental education, conservation breeding, human-animal conflict mitigation, rescue and rehabilitation of endangered species & community based ecotourism. ESI seeks cooperation and action through partnerships with various stakeholders such as local communities (particularly youth, school teachers, women, village leaders), NGOs, educational and research institutions, and government agencies.

Darwin Initiative
Darwin InitiativeThe Darwin Initiative (DI) is a small grants programme that aims to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of resources around the world. The Initiative is funded and administered by the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, (Defra). DI assists countires that are rich in biodiversity but poor in financial resourves to implement one or more of the 3 major conservation conventions, which draw on UK biodiversity expertise. DI has funded 673 projects to date, partnering with 861 organisations in host countries, and 213 UK organisations.

Centre for Environmental Education
Centre for Environmental Education
(Northeast) Assam, India advises the Assam Haathi Project on education and works with us to produce training materials and run workshops. CEE’s regional experience and specialisation will help ensure quality control in the educational components of this project and wide dissemination across the region. CEE has produced materials on elephant conservation, but not yet on human-elephant conflicts and related issues; our collaboration in this will therefore be mutually beneficial.

Rashtriya Gram Vikas Nidhi (RGVN), Assam, India is Rashtriya Gram Vikas Nidhia national rural development organisation engaged in extending microcredit to rural and urban communities for promotion of alternative sources of income. RGVN will assist in training for communities in how to access microcredits and develop small enterprise for the sustainable livelihoods component of this project. 


Pygmy Hog Conservation Programme, Assam, India provides our project with technical skills and advice for the construction and maintenance of fencing, solar-powering and construction. They also take part in our project meetings and provide valuable feedback and input.

WCS Indonesia Program, Sumatra. WCS are an international conservation organization who partner NEZS on our new Darwin Initiative funded project “Securing Human-Elephant Coexistence in Sumatra”. This project will draw on NEZS’ human-elephant conflict expertise and there will be extensive skills transfer between Assam and Sumatra with exchange visits between the two Darwin projects


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